2021 International Conference on

Security, Pattern Analysis, and Cybernetics

Conference Registration

Attention: Please make sure to include SPAC 2021, your name and paper ID info when you finish the registration.

Please send the following information and Registration Form! to spac.reg@hotmail.com before 15, June 2021.

Part One--For Registration:
1. Paper ID(论文号码):
2. Register Name(会议注册人):
3. University/Company Name(单位名称):
4. Taxpayer identification number(纳税人识别码):
5. Email add. (邮件地址,便于接收电子发票):
6. Participant Name (参会人):

Please call on +86-028-61280000 for Room Booking, Conference Name is: SPAC 2021 (电子科大)  
1. Name:

2. Phone:

3. Number of rooms:

4. Room Type (Twin/Queen):

5. Check-in date:

6. Check-out date:




Registration Types Early Registration
(Prior to June 05)
Late Registration
(June 06-June 20)
Main Registration  
IEEE Members $600 USD (3700 CNY) $700 USD (4300 CNY) Lunch, coffee, banquet, CD
Non-Members $650 USD (4000 CNY) $700 USD (4300 CNY) Lunch, coffee, banquet, CD
Student Members $500 USD (3500 CNY) $700 USD (4300 CNY) Lunch, coffee, banquet, CD
Additional Items
Participant with no paper $400 USD (3000 CNY)  
Extra Paper $400 USD (3000 CNY)  
Extra Page $100 USD (650 CNY)  
Extra Lunch $50  USD (400 CNY)  
Extra Banquet $100 USD (650 CNY)  
Extra Proceeding USB $50  USD (400 CNY)  


Important Notes:

·         The standard page limit for each paper is 6 pages. Papers can exceed this limit up to only 8 Pages, at a cost of $100 extra per page.

·         Accepted papers that are scheduled for presentation but not presented at the conference are very disruptive. Any accepted paper that is not presented as scheduled is at risk for not being included in the IEEE Xplore. If none of the authors is able to attend the meeting due to unexpected problems, please arrange for a colleague to present the paper and notify the conference organizers. 

Cancellation of Registration:

The only reason of cancellation and refunding your fee, is when your visa application has been denied. The conference organizer must be notified in writing in this case. An administration fee of $50 will be charged. Payment will be refunded after the conference. Please note that no refunds can be made for cancellations, after July. 31, 2021.

Payment Methods:

Special Instructions on Credit Cards payment:

·        Paypal Transfer:

Registration Fees (Nov. 01 to Nov. 25)
Registration Fees (Nov. 26 to Dec. 10)
Extra Fees

Special Instructions on Wire Transfer:
In order for us to apply the funds to your account, the sender MUST include the following information with the wire transfer instructions:

Reason for wire: SPAC 2021, Your Name, Your Paper ID

In addition, please notify Finance Chair, via email at spac.reg@hotmail.com when the transfer is being made to help identify the payment if any details are lost during transmission. Please be sure to include the following:

(1) Name of the bank/person sending the wire (please include a copy of the wire transfer receipt)
(2) Amount sending in US dollars
(3) Paper ID


Contact information:
Email: spac.reg@hotmail.com
Tel: +86 17702041956









请在缴纳注册费时注明Paper ID等 具体信息。


特 别提示

(1) 会议论 文不得超过6页上限。
(2) 请务必在汇款备注栏填写会议名称、论文ID, 如: "SPAC   001"
(3) 请扫描
缴费凭 证(PDF 格式或 JPG 格 式),







·        Paypal Transfer:


1、请务必将银行凭证扫描件发送至大会邮箱 spac.reg@hotmail.com, 同时在银行凭证上标注"SPAC2021、您的名字、论文ID"
2、如果使用"学生 "类型注册,请在第1条基础上传有效的学生证件;

电 话:17702041956